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Demon Princess Marie is an 'RPG clicker' in which you control an intrepid warrior in charge of protecting Marie, the daughter of the Demon King, who is also a powerful witch. So while she's automatically throwing fireballs at all enemies, you have to attack with your warrior by touching the screen.

As in all games in this genre, as you defeat enemies you also win coins. With these coins you can improve your hero’s sword, Marie’s magic staff, and other special abilities that you can gradually unlock. In addition, Marie occasionally talks about her story and allows you to get to know her.

Although you spend most of your time fighting against monsters and quickly tapping the screen, you can also go to Marie's dressing room. Here, you can change Marie’s appearance, choosing between many different dresses, which of course, you will have to unlock as you go.

Demon Princess Marie is a good 'RPG clicker,' which stands out mainly because of the wide variety of enemies that you can confront and its outstanding graphics. Basically, it's a nice, fun, and especially addictive game.
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Demon Princess Marie is an addictive clicker that looks gorgeous

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Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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